Friday, March 21, 2014

Reading this week: 0

Back here after quite a while! So hello there! And hopefully it is not just the web crawlers who visit these pages these days.

So yes, it seems there is less and less to write. The so called 'real world' has been throwing all kinds of things at me, and it seems it is only getting better in speed, accuracy and frequency. Not one to submit so easily (bwahaha), I keep reminding myself to blog more often, but have inevitably stumbled into the wall of 'what to write'.

So here is an idea. The model that I have followed (as far as books are concerned) upto this point is of a writing a post after finishing the book. It has two flaws. First, it requires actually finishing a book; and second, there is often more to say about a book than what can be put into a single post. So to kill two birds with a single stone (or to close two bugs with a single fix), it seems a better idea to report on current work in progress periodically. As the title suggests, the plan is to do it weekly. Where and how far it goes, of course, remains to be seen.

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Zaru said...

You should write often!
Reading your blog is a treat :)