Sunday, September 8, 2013

First Jeeves Book

Jeeves is one of those immortal characters. I first came to know about him in a story by Jayant Narlikar when I was in school, though the reference was not central to that story. In later years I came to know that P.G.Wodehouse, creator of Jeeves, was held in the highest esteem by such greats of humor as PuLa and Douglas Adams. Naturally, I had to give it a try. Ladies and Gentleman, I am happy to announce that I finished reading my first Jeeves novel yesterday.

Now when you approach a great name, you are excited of course, but also a little anxious. What if you don't get him/her? But that fear did not materialize in this particular case. I was hooked from the first page on. I chuckled, smiled and lol'd almost on every page. Let me quote a couple of examples to give you the flavor, 

It may have been a short time. It may have been quite a stretch. Despair was gripping me, and when that happens you don't keep looking at your watch.

I drew myself up censoriously and shot a sternish glance in her direction. Absolutely wasted, of course, because it was pitch dark. 

Perfection is a word I have seen associated with Wodehouse, and one sees a little of the why in this book. The plot keeps branching out ever wider, but in the end all pieces come together beautifully. I recommend it wholeheartedly to everybody.

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