Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dark Eden

There are lots of different stories branching away all the time from every single thing that happens. As soon as a moment has gone, different versions of it start to be told and remembered about. And some of them carry on, and some die out, and you can't know in advance which version will last and which won't.

Dark Eden takes place on an alien world. Where there is no sun, where trees pump heat from the bowels of the world to grow shiny lanterns on tops, where creatures have green-black blood, two hearts and six limbs. Generations ago two human survivors got trapped in an accident, and now their descendants are waiting for Earth to pick them back. It is about how these people cope. And it is strange and shocking. <-example-not-given-> The remarkable thing about the writing is, despite all the weirdness and shocks, the people are still people, they are not turned into aliens or animals; the things shock, but don't disgust, not at least without cold reason. That, combined with the relatively simple plot, leaves a deep impression. Strange worlds are needed from time to time to keep your sanity in this one. If you agree, give this one a try, but this is not a book for everyone.


Zaru said...

okay, I might try it.


Mohsin Mulla said...

karo karo free hai :p